David Fang

20 Sep.

Some My Understandings Of Love

When it comes to love, people always get a lot to say. Different people hold different opinions on what love is. Love can be wonderful, mysterious, complicated... too many words to describe it. Each of us has our own understanding of what love is, and often the case we base our definitions from feelings and experiences.

The dictionary defines love in many ways: it is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person or a feeling of warm personal attachment or a deep affection as for a parent, child, or friend. Love is the object of attachment, devotion, or admiration. But as far as I am concerned, love never has an exact definition. Love can be anything, in anywhere, at anytime.

Love is when you tell your boyfriend you like his shirt, then he wears it everyday.

Love is the depression of separation and delight of reunion.

Love is the candle in the dark and the fireplace in the cold.

Love is an oasis on a boundless desert which gives a tired walker strength and hope.

Love is giving without a thought of taking.

How special but ordinary love is! Love is a kiss when you're to sleep, love is a simple but nice-prepared breakfast when you wake up, love is a blessing when you get into trouble, love is a comfort when you suffered a huge disappointment.

Some people would say that love hurts sometimes. The more you love, the more you hurt. Of course I'm not capable of arguing with that though I figured it way too shallow. But as I always believe, love absolutely has more benefits than its disadvantages. There are a tremendous number of movies and songs that are dedicated to love. There are so many TV programs reporting news and stories about love. From these actual living things, we see and hear moving and touching deeds. For example love educated a violent boy to be civilized, love made a violate person become social again, love let a bad student recognize his mistakes correctly; love provided the homeless with a place to stay, love prevent poor kids from staving, love keeps a family always as one.

Yes, love may not work all the time but it leaves you a special sort of feeling, like nothing you have ever imagined. If the world lacks the feeling called love, we won't be able to appreciate the bright sunshine, the loveliness of the spring and many other wonderfulness of nature. The society needs love to thrive and for the people to feel an uplifting sense instead of feeling pessimistic and sorrowful. Don't let some phenomena fool you. Like the elderly tumbled in the street, entrapment event by the police, they are temporary. With the progress of our society, I believe these situations are bound to cease. After all love brings joy and happiness, but more importantly, it enlivens all the living beings. Love is like the sun we share, the air we breathe, the water we drink. We can never live without it.


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