David Fang

16 May.

Unity & Diversity

Good evening my dear judges and fellows, my name is David Fang. I'm a sophomore from Electrical engineering and automation. Perhaps there is a reason for my early study of English, I've been interested in this language since I was a kid, very honestly. I enjoy listening to English music, go to a cinema to see some big Hollywood movies occasionally. Luckily for me, I went to the United States last summer,and experienced some American cultures directly which inspired me a lot. And the picture that shows here was taken in Universal Studios, which locates at Hollywood, Los Angles, California. (Santa Monica beach) Quite hilarious/beautiful huh

So tonight, what an honor to stand here and give you a speech about Unity and Diversity.

Until now, I can still recall the theme song of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. As the lyric goes, “you and me from one world we are family". We live on the earth – and now we call it The Global Village. So without any questions the world is getting smaller every single day. 

Speaking of music, it reminds me of Michael Jackson, who has been my favorite idol of all time. He is known for his diverse music and dance styles. It is said that there're no boundaries in his music, Rock N Roll, Hip-pop, Jazz, or R&B. And what is remarkable is that he combined those things with his own ideas of music to create his one and only MJ style. As for his marvelous dancing, his moves consist of popping, breaking, tap dance, and he eventually presented us with the most famous Moonwalk.

Fast food like KFC and McDonald brings us great convenience in our daily lives and its quick-eating culture makes everybody impressed. Every store in this planet, same color, same uniform. However, if you pay a little more attention to the menu, you will find each country's food is different so as to fit the local people's taste. Such as the Indians like curry, Chinese like tofu. From my standpoint, that is a perfect example for Unity and diversity.

Let's go back to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games again and review its slogan “One world, one dream".  It is my understanding that Unity is something we cannot inevitably avoid; diversity is something we need to urgently protect.

All in all, the entire message I'm trying to convey is that Unity and Diversity are not conflicts, they serve exactly the same purpose of making our world a better place. 


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